- The Lady Vanishes

- The Lady Vanishes
Written by LMU professor and Marymount Institute director Theresia de Vroom, The Lady Vanishes examines the role of heroines and mother-daughter relationships in Shakespeare's late tragicomedies.

With in-depth explorations of oft-ignored works Cymbeline, Pericles, Two Nobel Kinsmen, and The Winter's Tale, de Vroom unearths a pattern of feminine comic redemption that works as an alternative and corrective to the apocalyptic tragedy of Shakespeare's predominantly male worlds.

The Lady Vanishes socially and historically contextualizes Shakespeare's work, while examining the formation of the tragicomic heroine and construction of mother-daughter relationships both within the plays and throughout Western culture, from film to photography to painting. the book also compares the late tragicomedies to other, more well known, Shakespeare plays, including The Tempest, A Midsummer's Night Dream, Twelfth Night, and King Lear.

ISBN: 978-1-941392-10-2 Author: Theresia de Vroom Publication Date: September, 2014

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