$35 Donation - KXLU Live Compilation CD Vol. 6 Thank You Gift

$35 Donation - KXLU Live Compilation CD Vol. 6 Thank You Gift
This $35 Donation includes a KXLU Live Compilation Vol. 6 CD Thank You Gift!

Disk One
1) The Mooney Suzuki- "Make My Way"
2) The Blue Balls- "Back to You"
3) Dinosaurs With Horns- "On Her Moonshiner"
4) The Convocation Of...- "Moments Escape"
5) The Mercury Program- "Nazca Lines of Peru"
6) Slug and Eyedea- "Freestyle"
7) Dear Nora- "Round and Round"
8) Her Space Holiday- "The Doctor and the DJ"
9) Beans- "Wind Y Hill"
10) At the Drive-In- "Rascuache
11) Tak and 4Zone- "Freestyle"
12) Irving- "Holiday"
13) The Dylan Group- "Aviia"
14) Steve Wynn- "Days of Wine and Roses"
15) Mascott- "Birds That Can Not Fly"
16) Kitten Sparkles- "Live On Glossolalia"

Disk Two
1) Oma Yang- "The Moon in the Cancer"
2) Tracker- "Telephone"
3) Yume Bitsu- "I Wait For You"
4) Illyah Kuryahkin- "Tom Verlaine"
5) Slumber Party- "Trouble of My Own"
6) Of Montreal- "You Feel You Must Go, Don't Go"
7) Death Cab For Cutie- "Title Track"
8) L.A. Symphony- "Broken Tape Decks"
9) FCS North- "Title Unknown"
10) LFTR PLLR- "Math is Money"
11) Ascaris- "Tonight, We Run"
12) Selby Tigers- "Tell It to the Judge"
13) The Salteens- "Emptyhead"
14) Mates of State- "What Could I Stand For?"
15) The Vogue- "Brass & Satin"
16) The Good Life- "The Golden Exit"
17) The Weakerthans- "None of the Above"